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This result is similar to that caused by corrosion and wear, and may cause additional damage to the nozzle surface. The processing ability of the filter depends on the filtering speed.
Belt vacuum filter:
It can filter viscous materials with strong adaptability. It is suitable for separating slurries with solid content greater than 20% and high density. It is easy to break up and filter cake should stop filling the washing slurry. It is often used in chemical industry, light industry and other industries.
Rubber belt filter can be widely used in solid-liquid separation in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, paper-making, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other areas, especially in gypsum dehydration in flue gas desulfurization (FGD) has excellent application. Vacuum suction filter: simple structure, filter whip force than gravity filter. A little erosion will negatively affect the size and average distribution of droplets. If the nozzle cap is installed too tightly with the nozzle body, it may lead to thread sliding.
Two. Erosion.
Gradual loss of nozzle material results in expansion and/or distortion of nozzle orifices and internal fluid flow passages. Easy to deal with settling speed is not high, easy to filter materials, not suitable for non-viscous materials, the scope of application is the same as drum vacuum filter. The suspension intervenes in the upper chamber, and after pressure impregnation, the filter medium enters the lower chamber to become the filter fluid. The solid particles are intercepted in the filter medium, which roughly constitutes the filter residue (or filter cake).
Turntable vacuum filter:
The minimum price per unit filter surface is the lowest and occupies less space, but the cake humidity is higher than that of drum vacuum filter. Vacuum filters are classified as follows:
Classification Characteristics of Vacuum Belt Filters
Some nozzles need to be carefully installed after cleaning to ensure that internal components such as gaskets, O-rings and built-in blades can be corrected accurately.
Five. High temperature
Accidental scratches caused by the use of different cleaning tools in cleaning may cause damage to nozzles or nozzles.
In the process of practical filtering, the three compilations are often presented simultaneously or successively.
Suspension filtration is made up of three types: slag layer filtration, deep layer filtration and sieve filtration. Bonding, the material accumulated around the nozzle, is also not conducive to the implementation of the nozzle function, and will cause severe consequences for some nozzles, such as air atomization nozzles.
In the process of filtration, the roughly accumulated filter residue layer gradually thickens, and the resistance of liquid passing through the filter residue layer increases, and the filtration speed decreases. As a result, the flow rate increases, the pressure decreases, the fluid flow is irregular, and the droplets become larger.
Vacuum belt filter intermittently controlled by the filter can achieve the growth of active control, filter area is growing. Rubber belt filter has the advantages of high filtration compliance, high consumption ability, good washing, low moisture content of filter cake, quick control and low maintenance cost. Under the premise of complex work, once the nozzle is full of problems, it is difficult for people to find out the reason only by naked eyes.
Continuous vacuum filter:
The mechanism of vacuum filter and pressure filter is the same, but the pressure on one side of filter medium is lower than atmospheric pressure and the whipping force is smaller. Vacuum leaf filter: Simple structure, suitable for ordinary slurry material filtering, but poor control conditions, high labor intensity. When the solid particles in the suspension are large and the particle size is uniform, the pore of the filter slag layer is relatively smooth, and the speed of the filter through the filter slag layer is relatively high. When the filter chamber is full of filter residue or the filtering speed is too small, stop the filtration, break the root of the filter residue, and regenerate the filter medium to complete a filtering cycle. Filtration of filter residue layer refers to the formation of initial filter residue layer after the initial stage of filtration. In the future, the filter residue layer will be the primary stain for filtration, when large and small particles are intercepted; deep filtration refers to the filtration medium is thicker, the suspension contains fewer solid particles, and the particles are smaller than the channel of filter medium. When filtering, the particles are absorbed in the channel after entering. The retained solid particles are larger than the pore of the filter medium, and the filter formulation without adsorbing solid particles inside the filter medium, such as the rotary filter to remove coarse impurities in sewage. The application of coagulant can agglomerate fine particles into larger aggregates, which is helpful to improve the filtration speed. In order to obtain filter residue with low moisture content, the mechanical press filter has grown.
Six. Clogging.
Certain specific liquids must be injected at high or high temperatures. Vacuum filters with intermittent control can filter suspensions of various concentrations. Vacuum filters with continuous control are suitable for filtering thick suspensions containing more solid particles. Corrosion, abrasion or blockage of nozzles will severely affect the performance of nozzles and may cause damage to nozzles. Increasing the pressure difference can accelerate the filtration, but the deformed particles are easy to obstruct the pore of the filter medium when the pressure difference is large, and the filtration is slowed down. This kind of filter can be divided into intermittent control and continuous control.
7. Improper Installation
Excess solid particles may be obstructed inside the orifice, resulting in fluid flow being restricted and uneven spray distribution. The nozzle will wear out due to high pressure treatment or bond due to the injection of viscous liquid.
Intermittent vacuum filter:
Vacuum belt filter is a device which uses vacuum negative pressure as whipping force to complete solid-liquid separation. In structure, the filter section is inserted along the target of horizontal length. It can continuously complete filtration, washing, suction drying, filter cloth regeneration and other operations.
Vacuum belt filter is a negative pressure formed at the outlet of filtrate as the whipping force of filtration.
IV. Accidental Injury
The accumulation of material on the inside or outside of the nozzle due to liquid evaporation.
Use filter media to hold containers

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