The quality of sand machine products is determined by grain

2019-05-11 09:22 admin
The product quality of sand machine is determined by granularity and granularity. The specifications of finished products produced. The product granularity of general sand making equipment refers to the geometry of granules, and the product granularity refers to the size of granules.
The granularity and granularity of sand machine products are the main technological indexes to measure the quality of products. However, from the point of view of technological requirements, sometimes only the maximum particle size limit of the product is required, and the fines (overcomminuted) must not exceed the limit value. Sometimes it requires not only granularity, but also granularity.
The application of concrete orthopaedics in modern construction industry requires not only the granularity of sand making machine, but also the cube shape (the so-called cube refers to the three-dimensional size of particles a, b, C. in which a > b > c, and a / C value should not be greater than 3). Moreover, it is better to have edges and corners, so as to improve the strength of concrete. In the sand production line, the product granularity depends on its core equipment, the third generation sand making machine, also known as high-efficiency fine crusher. As a kind of limestone used in steelmaking, it is required to control the particle size in a certain range, and to produce no or less powder.
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