There are more and more dehydration sieve manufacturers in t

2019-05-11 09:21 admin
Dehydration screen manufacturer
With the development of society and the progress of industrial technology, there are more and more dehydration sieve factories in the market. In addition to many familiar dehydration sieve factories in Henan and Lianyungang, Jiangsu, there are many dehydration sieve factories in China. They all serve customers in their own business scope.
Dewatering screen, also known as vibration dewatering screen, is a kind of machine which uses centrifugal force principle and vibration principle to operate. Dewatering screen can dewatering ore, sand, coal mine and so on.
The dewatering screen developed by Jiangsu Baita has adopted the working technology of double motors and improved recently by using universal symmetrical eccentric block, which has improved the performance of the machine better. The dewatering screen developed by Jiangsu Baita has many characteristics. It has already represented the top technical level of domestic counterparts, besides low noise and convenient maintenance. Desiccant screen design is also very reasonable, and durable, the effect of dehydration is also very strong, even in the design of the machine, have considered the ease of assembly and disassembly. Now, Jiangsu white tower design of the dewatering screen is very convenient in maintenance. This is due to the universality of Baita technology in Jiangsu.

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